Do those belly flattening bands work?

I'm a little more than 6 weeks away from my due date with number 5. The closet is organized. The crib is set. I'm starring at my regular clothes, waiting impatiently to wear them. With my last two babies, I purchased an elastic and velcro "band" that went around my stomach to support my stomach muscles as they found their way back (the best they can) to the pre-pregnancy position. It did seem to give me a flattening effect, but my stomach muscles are still really weak. Now, that is also likely due to the fact my stomach muscles are separated down the middle from a really big baby (number 3 was 10+ pounds) and I'm not the best stomach exerciser. One of my Modest Middles customers called me and raved about the "Belly Bandit". I'm seriously considering purchasing it. She said she wore it under her Modest Middle for the first month after her baby was born. Does anyone know if there are any disadvantages to wear these kind of devices (do they weaken your stomach muscles by giving too much support, etc.)?

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  • 1/18/2010 12:43 PM Amy wrote:
    I went to a talk with a Chiropractor who specializes in clients who are pregnant, called the Belly Bandit company and talked to a friend who is a physical therapist. The Belly Bandit company was really hard to get straight answers from. The professionals I talked to said that the support given by a binding device would do me "good" WHILE I was pregnant--as long as it was not worn too tight. They said there are several belly support products for pregnant belly (they didn't specifically recommend one). The support in the third trimester would help the weak muscles, but after the baby is born, the support of a binding device, in their opinion, does more harm than good. It can create a situation where you push the muscles more in the tummy and back because of the external support and doesn't require the tummy muscles to work with it on. Anyone else get any info?
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